Coyote Bounty

You can only trap a coyote and claim compensation if you have lost livestock and have already completed a Livestock Damage Claim.

To apply, complete the Coyote or Wolf Compensation Claim Form and submit it to the Meaford Fire Hall at 81 Stewart Street. It includes steps to be completed by the stockowner, the Livestock Evaluator, the licensed hunter/trapper, the Municipality of Meaford, and Grey County.

Beaver Bounty

You can apply for compensation for removing a nuisance beaver. A licensed trapper must remove the tail of the beaver and bring it with a completed Beaver Process Claim Form to the Meaford Fire Hall at 81 Stewart Street. A municipal officer will sign the compensation form and keep the beaver tail. It is the trapper's responsibility to dispose of the remaining beaver carcass.


County of Grey By-law 3274-91 – Nuisance Beaver Removal

County of Grey By-law 3332-92 – Wolf and Coyote Control

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