We've moved! If coming to our offices in person, we are now located right next door at 15 Trowbridge Street West with our main entrance on the East side of the building up the ramp.

Please email inspections@meaford.ca or call (226) 277-0229 with inspection requests, noting the stage of construction/inspection type and property address, as well as the best means of contact (e.g. email, phone number). We require at minimum 24 hours' notice for inspection booking and cannot offer any time guarantees or calls before arrival.

  • Applications are to be made in hardcopy to the 15 Trowbridge Street West office by mail, or using the mail drop slot at the Administration Office at 21 Trowbridge Street West. Payments must be submitted by cheque. Please connect with our staff before submitting your applications, confirm applicable fees and any other complete application requirements.  Our paperless permit system is coming in Winter 2023 for your convenience!
  • Bart Toby, Chief Building Official (CBO) (btoby@meaford.ca), Tammy Dobie, Deputy CBO (tdobie@meaford.ca), and Jackson Penner, Building Inspector (jpenner@meaford.ca) can be reached directly by email for ongoing file-specific inquiries. General inquiries can be directed to building@meaford.ca.

You need to get a building permit for any new construction, renovation, or repair to a structure. This allows our staff to make sure the work complies with the Ontario Building Code, as well as zoning and any other legislation that may apply to your property. Some examples of work that require a permit include:

  • Any new structures greater than 15 m²
  • Adding a carport, garage, deck, porch, room(s) or another story to an existing building
  • Adding structural features such as a balcony, dormer, enclosing a porch, window enlargement, wind turbine or solar panels
  • Excavating to construct a new or full basement under an existing house
  • Any structure containing plumbing (even those less than 10 m²)
  • Doing renovations or repairs, or undertaking structural changes
  • Replacing an existing deck, porch, or carport
  • Chimney construction
  • New or replacement plumbing
  • Retaining wall(s) exceeding 1m in height
  • Barns
  • Temporary tent
  • Swimming pool and enclosures
  • And more

For more information, see our Guide to Building. If you still aren't sure if your project requires a permit, contact us at building@meaford.ca.

Read the Ontario Building Code

Before You Get Started

During the preliminary planning stage of your project, you must determine the zoning by-law rules that apply to your property. Zoning by-laws regulate the use, size, location and types of structures permitted on all property in the Municipality. Please review the Zoning By-Law first and then contact our Planning Department with specific questions at planning@meaford.ca to discuss your plans. Certain types of development (ie. commercial, industrial or multi-residential) may also require Site Plan Approval. Please contact the Planning Staff to determine if Site Plan Approval will be applicable to your project.

Other by-laws that may apply to your project include:

Civic Address

You will also need to have a civic address in order to be issued a building permit. If the project is a new build and you do not have an existing civic address, come to the Development Services Office at 15 Trowbridge Street West, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m with a diagram of your entrance location for our staff to submit an application for your civic address to be issued. You will also need to pay the civic addressing fees at the Development Services Office.

Other Approvals

Depending on the location of your property, you may require approvals from other agencies.


Heritage Conservation District
If your property falls within the Heritage Conservation District, you may require a Heritage Conservation Permit from the Municipality to complete your project. If you have any questions, please e-mail heritage@meaford.ca to learn more about Heritage Conservation Permits and guidelines.
Grey Sauble Conservation Authority 519-376-3076
Many properties within the Municipality of Meaford are - or have a portion of land - designated as environmentally protected (EP) or as regulated lands. Prior to a permit being issued from the Municipality of Meaford's Building Department, those lands designated as EP or regulated lands must first have a development permit or an exemption from the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. Please contact Grey Sauble Conservation Authority for more details.
Niagara Escarpment Commission 519-599-3340
Many properties within the Municipality of Meaford are under the Niagara Escarpment Commission's regulations. Prior to the Municipality of Meaford's Building Department being able to issue a permit on those lands designated as NEC, a development permit or an exemption from the Niagara Escarpment Commission is required. Please contact the NEC for more information.  
County of Grey 519-376-7337
Those properties which abut a county road must first receive an entrance permit from the County of Grey or have a legally existing entrance prior to the issuance of a building permit from the Municipality of Meaford. For more information on County entrance permits and requirements, please contact the County of Grey. 
Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) 519-376-7350
Those properties which abut a provincial highway must first receive an entrance permit from the Ministry of Transportation or have a legally existing entrance prior to the issuance of a building permit from the Municipality of Meaford.
Those properties which abut a provincial highway or are within 600 feet of a highway must either receive a land use permit or an exemption from the MTO prior to the issuance of a building permit from the Municipality of Meaford. Please contact the MTO for more information. 
Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) 519-376-3860
Some situations require approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources prior to any development happening on certain land areas. To learn more on MNR approval and requirements, please contact the number listed above.  


 Permit Application Forms

Application forms are available below, or at the Development Services Office at 15 Trowbridge Street West, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

You may also be required to submit other pertinent information depending on the type of construction project you propose. A down payment (or full permit value) is required at time of application. This down payment is non-refundable if you withdraw the permit.

 Permit Application Process

Once you have submitted a complete application, it is reviewed by Building Department staff that will assess the application for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, Zoning By-laws and “Applicable Laws” that apply to that specific lot.

If we find errors, or need any further information, clarification, or corrections, you will be contacted. We recommend that you respond to the requests as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays in getting your Building Permit.

Once a full review of the application has been completed and the necessary approvals obtained, the Building Permit will be issued and can be picked up. It must be posted in plain view on the construction site. You must keep the approved set (Site Copy) on site at all times.

Please read the permit documents thoroughly before starting construction. The construction must comply with the plans and documents issued with your permit.

Any changes to the approved construction drawings must be reported to and approved by the Chief Building Official. Contact us immediately if there are any changes to the construction plans. Depending on the degree of the change, a permit revision maybe required.

Once a Building Permit has been issued, it is your responsibility to ensure

  • All setbacks, as approved for construction, are adhered to.
  • All Engineering, including footings, wall, floor and ceiling systems, engineered beams and lintels, roof trusses, etc. are submitted to the Building Department prior to the required inspection.
  • Inspections are scheduled and performed.
  • Deficiencies corrected if required.
  • Re-Inspections are scheduled and performed if required.
  • Ontario Building Code & all Applicable Laws are being respected.
 Building Permit Fees

Building Permit fees are set each year as part of the budget process. Click here to view the 2022 Fees and Charges for Building Services. 

 Development Charges

Certain types of Development in the Municipality of Meaford may require the payment of Development Charges as well. You may be required to pay Development Charges for land development or redevelopment projects if you plan to:

  • Construct a new building
  • Make an addition or alteration to an existing building that increases the number of residential units or the non-residential gross floor area
  • Redevelop a property or make interior alterations that result in a change of use to all or part of a building

You may also need to pay Development Charges for the County of Grey. County Development Charges will only apply to new residential development.


Your permit may require one or more inspections by a Building Official.

To submit your inspection request, contact inspections@meaford.ca or call (226) 277-0229. Please provide 2 business days' notice before your desired inspection date. Inspections are done on the Eastern side of the Municipality on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on the Western side on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We cannot offer any time guarantee because of the volume of inspections and their variable lengths.

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