Meaford's cemeteries are beautiful, calm and tranquil greenspaces with deep roots in our local heritage.

Cemetery Master Plan

The Municipality of Meaford is currently developing a new strategic master plan for Lakeview Cemetery. This master plan will provide an overall vision for the cemetery for the next 50 years.

Working alongside Lee and Associates, the Municipality has identified five key objectives for the master plan which includes; design future burial areas within the cemetery, align future services with existing infrastructure, ensure that the cemetery effectively serves the changing needs of the community, provide updates to cemetery bylaws, and establish a program that supports the maintenance of the landscape, including a long-term infrastructural improvement plan.

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that Lakeview Cemetery is sustainable for many years to come and meets the needs of our growing community.

We want to hear from you! We invite you, our community members, to participate in the process. You can submit your feedback with our survey and you can attend our upcoming public meet and greet sessions.

1-   Fill out the online survey here. The survey will be open to the public from December 1 - 31, 2022 and takes about ten minutes to complete.

2-   If you are unable to access the online survey, hard copies are also available and can be picked up and submitted to any of the following locations during regular business hours; the Municipal Administration Office located at 21 Trowbridge Street, the Meaford Public Library located at 11 Sykes Street N, the Meaford and St. Vincent Community Centre located at 151 Collingwood Street W, and the Sydenham Centre located at 458372 Grey County Rd 11, Owen Sound.


Public Meet and Greet Session Information

Project Overview + Site Analysis

Concept 1: Linear 

Concept 2 : Organic 


Lakeview Cemetery

Lakeview CemeteryLakeview Cemetery encompasses 29 acres near the urban area of Meaford. It has been in operation since 1868, and it features a beautiful fountain and pond, gazebo, and chapel. 

The new chapel view columbarium is scheduled to be completed in early 2022! The columbarium will have 112 new niches available. For further information please contact us at or 519-538-1060 ext 1415

Location: 382 Graham Street, Meaford

Services: Interment, Columbarium

Duxbury Cemetery

Duxbury CemeteryDuxbury Cemetery was originally part of a neighbouring farm property, and is our oldest cemetery dating back to 1849. At just 2 acres, it has a distinct rural character and is in close proximity to the shores of Georgian Bay.

Location: 25 Sideroad, off of the 7th Line

Services: Interment

St. Matthew's Cemetery

 St. Matthew's Cemetery was established in 1901 in the community of Bognor.

Location: Grey Road 18 and Grey Road 29

Services: Interment


Interment / Rights Standard Plot

Standard Plot  $1,025.00 +HST
Child Plot $550.00 +HST

Cremation Plot

Cremation Plot $700.00 +HST

Internments Open/Close 

Standard Plot $1,025.00 +HST
Cremation Plot $475.00 +HST
Child Plot $475.00 +HST
Weekend and Statutory Holidays** $450.00 +HST

** Weekend and statutory holiday open/close fees are in addition to the standard fees. 


All Rows $1,600.00 +HST


Standard Plot $750.00 +HST
Cremation  $400.00 +HST

Markers & Foundations

Flat Marker (measuring at least 1116.3 sq cm or 173 sq in)  $100.00 +HST
Upright Marker (measuring 1.22 m (4ft) or less in height and 
1.22 (4ft) or less in length including the base)
$200.00 +HST
Upright Marker (measuring more than 1.22 (4ft) in either 
height or length including the base)
$400.00 +HST


Administration  $170.00
Registration $70.00
Cancellation $135.00
Deed Transfer $170.00
Replacement Deed $150.00
Genealogical Searches $60.00/hour


Inactive Cemeteries

There are many historical and inactive cemeteries throughout the Municipality of Meaford. They are an important part of our local heritage, and can be very interesting to visit.

To learn more, see the inactive cemeteries map

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