Previously known as the Community Bursary Program, this program provides funding to community organizations that offer events, programs and services that support community well-being in the Municipality of Meaford.

 Eligibility and Ineligible Costs

In order to be eligible for this program:

  • The applicant must be a community group, not-for-profit or charitable organization operating in the Municipality of Meaford.
  • Events, programs and services must occur in the Municipality of Meaford or be shown to have a direct benefit to community safety and well-being in the Municipality of Meaford.
  • Applicants must demonstrate how the bursary will result in an enhanced event, service or program for municipal residents, and how the event, service or program aligns with Council’s Strategic Priorities.
  • Applicants must demonstrate sound organizational and financial management abilities.

Bursary recipients who fail to provide an update to Council during the term of the bursary may be deemed ineligible for the program in the future.

For more information, see the Community Well-being Bursary Policy.

Ineligible Costs

Bursaries cannot be used:

• To cover deficits or borrowing costs

• To retire debts

• To increase endowment funds

• To meet fundraising targets

• To fund activities that serves primarily the membership or purposes of religious or political organizations.

Bursaries may not be used to cover the costs of alcohol, consultants, or personal equipment. Organizations who have failed to present satisfactory reports will not be eligible for future funding. 

 How to Apply

The Community Well-being Bursary Program application acceptance period is now closed.

All applicants will make a short presentation at a special meeting of Council on May 8 and 9, 2023. Applications will not be solicited again until early 2027.

 Funding Decisions

Organization Names and Awards:

Backpacks for Learning at GBCS - $2,500.00

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society - $1,000.00

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grey and Bruce - $1,500.00

Big Canoe Project - $500.00

Bognor Canada Day Committee - $2,500.00

Christ Church Anglican - $1,000.00

Christmas on the Bay - $2,000.00

Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce Inc. - $500.00

Eat Local Grey Bruce Cooperative Inc. - $1,000.00

Electrics Eclectics - $1,000.00

Georgian Bay Coyotes Track Club - $1,000.00

Goldenaires - $1,000.00

Kids in the Meaford Hall Arts Society - $1,000.00

Meaford & St. Vincent Agricultural Society - $2,000.00

Meaford 55+ Friendship Club - $3,000.00

Meaford Creative Arts Association - $1,500.00

Meaford Culture Foundation - $2,000.00

Meaford Food Bank and Outreach - $4,000.00

Meaford Lawn Bowling Club - $1,000.00

Meaford Pickleball Club - $1,000.00

Meaford Theatre Company - $1,500.00

My Friend's House - $2,000.00

Optimist Club of Sydenham and District - $2,500.00

Rotary Club of Meaford - Greening Committee - $500.00

Rotary Club of Meaford - Rotary House Committee - $2,500.00

SweetWater Music Festival - $1,500.00

United Way of Grey Bruce - $2,000.00

Viva Variety - $1,000.00


Organizations can apply for up to $4,000 per year for four years. Council may decide to provide some, all, or none of the requested funding.


Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

• alignment with one or more of the priority areas of focus outlined in the Well-being Plan

• contributions to community safety and well-being

• promotion of the Municipality’s vision, values, and strategic priorities

• good financial management and organizational ability

• other partners, other sources of funding, support of volunteers


Applications will not be solicited again until early 2027.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How has the program changed since the last intake in 2018?

The program focus has been updated since 2018 to have a greater focus on community well-being. This means we are asking applicants to explain how the requested funding will impact the community health, safety, and well-being.

Reporting requirements have also been simplified, and recipients will have to make one brief presentation to Council over the four-year term.

2. What is community well-being?

In general, when we discuss well-being in our community, we are referencing the factors in our lives that impact our safety, health, happiness, and overall life satisfaction. 

Applicants can read the Meaford Well-being Plan to get a better idea of current priorities.

3. What kinds of programs, events and services that enhance community well-being?

Many different kinds of programs, events and services enhance community well-being. Some examples might be things like:

  • A free service that provides information and support about landlord and tenant matters to Meaford residents
  • A program of activities teaching life skills to youth
  • A seniors group that offers lifelong learning and social activity programming throughout the year
  • A not-for-profit organization expanding their offerings to include satellite mental health services in Meaford

These are just a few examples, but are not intended to be limiting. Read the Well-being Plan and think about how your group is making an impact.

4. What is an example of something that would not count as well-being?

This Program is not intended to fund economic development initiatives.

Further, please see the Eligibility and Ineligible Costs section above.

5. Why the shift toward community well-being?

The Municipality is committed to supporting new and ongoing work that supports health, safety, and well-being within the community. By providing multi-year stable funding for these efforts, the Municipality hopes to both support existing such work and incentivize new well-being projects.

For information on the nomination process and eligibility requirements, please see the Community Well-being Bursary Policy.

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