The Municipality of Meaford regulates fences related to swimming pool enclosures, and in areas where they may block vehicle sight lines on corner lots.

For disputes between neighbours about fences on property lines, please see the Line Fences Act.

Pool Fences

All pools in Meaford must be enclosed by a fence. This is in place to ensure public safety and prevent accidental drowning.

Before a pool is built, or before removing or changing an existing pool fence, you have to get a building permit. Restrictions are in place regarding the material that can be used for pool enclosures, as well as the height, location and framing of the fence.

For complete details on the regulations for pool enclosures, see the Swimming Pool Enclosure by-law.

Corner Lots

a diagram of the area on corner lots where owners cannot block sight lines for vehiclesCorner properties located at a street intersection must be mindful of the sight lines of vehicles as they approach the intersection. No fences, buildings, structures, or plants over 1 meter in height can be placed in the area of the “Sight Triangle”. For more information, see section 4.22 of the Zoning by-law.


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