All waste must be at the roadside/curb by 7am on your collection day or collection cannot be guaranteed.

Miller Waste picks up your garbage, recycling, and green bin organic waste. Meaford has been recognized as having one of the highest waste diversion rates in the province, thanks to your participation in our recycling and green bin programs. Here you can find information on pickup schedules, drop off locations, and what materials belong in the green bin, blue box, or garbage can.

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 Waste Management Area Map - Urban


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 Garbage Bag Tag Information

Garbage Collection occurs every other week. Each bag of garbage requires a garbage tag, and a maximum of three bags of garbage

can be put at the curb per garbage day.

The cost of each bag tag is $4.00, and can be purchased at participating locations:

  • Owen Sound Library
  • Rockford Service Centre
  • Food Basics Owen Sound
  • Annan Post Office
  • Meaford Ultramar
  • Masse's Your Independent Grocer (formerly Bill's Valu Mart)
  • Circle K
  • Foodland Thornbury
  • Meaford Public Library
  • Jet Variety
  • IDA Pharmacy Meaford
  • Meaford Convenience Plus
  • Meaford Convenience and Pet Stop
  • Meaford Esso 

Harsh Weather and why Garbage, Recycling and Compost Collection can Sometimes be Missed

We live in a climate that, at certain times of the year, brings heavy snowfall, whiteouts and freezing rain, which can make travel on our roads quite hazardous. When this happens, your garbage, recycling and compost collection can be delayed or cancelled. 


During these bad weather days, Municipal staff will hear from some of our residents who are upset that they did not receive the level of service that they normally would and inquire why the Municipality cannot make waste collection happen in bad weather. 


The process. The Municipality of Meaford is in a contractual relationship with Miller Waste Systems (Miller Waste), who is charged with the collection of our garbage, recycling and compost. During these bad weather events, based on the safety of their operators, Miller Waste will make a decision if collection should be delayed or cancelled for that day. When a decision is made that results in a service disruption to residents, Miller Waste informs Municipal staff, providing details on the next collection date. Municipal staff then communicate this information to you, the resident. 


It’s a big job. Miller Waste uses two different types of trucks, which operate year round in our municipality. Compost and recycling are picked up on the same truck and garbage is picked up on a different truck.  On a regular collection week, the compost/recycling trucks make 2,850 pick-ups and garbage trucks make 1,850 pick-ups. It’s important to know that waste collection is a complex system, with lots of moving parts and plenty of human power. When bad weather hits, please have patience and understanding, most importantly, consider the safety of the operators who make many stops all over the municipality. 


There are many ways to stay informed about waste collection and we invite you to find the method that is best for you. Accurate and timely information on waste collection services is communicated here on our Municipal website, social media as well as on the nifty waste app. This app supports both Apple and Android devices and you can download it from the links provided above. 


Next time you see Miller Waste staff picking up your garbage, recycling and compost, don’t forget to wave, they will appreciate the greeting.  


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