Public consultations for the Well-Being Plan's development have concluded as of May 2021.

In 2021,  hundreds of residents and service providers alike contributed to the development of the Well-Being Plan. Their valuable insight into what risks existed locally to our health, safety, and well-being have now been captured within the Plan. Through public engagement such as the Community Well-Being Survey, the Wall of Well-Being, and virtual public consultations, residents and service provides have identified risks in our community, and contributed ideas as to how we can address these issues moving forward.

The final Well-Being Plan will be considered by Council in July 2021.

Stay in touch! 

Just because the Plan's development is nearing completion, doesn't mean opportunities for engaging with the public is over. Keep an eye on this page as we look at various opportunities to engage with the public during our Plan's Implementation Period (2021-2025).

The Well-Being Partnership is always open to hearing from residents about their own unique experiences and needs.  If you would like to hold a discussion on safety and well-being, please contact or phone 519-538-1060 ext. 1110.

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