The 2024 granular road resurfacing program includes rehabilitation on 55.78 kilometers of rural roads.

Project Scope

In partnership with Walker Aggregates Inc and Da-Lee Contracting, 20,000 tons of fresh gravel will be applied to roads throughout Meaford’s rural areas, along with dust suppressant to help keep dust down.

The road sections included in this project can be found on the map below.


map of locations of granular road resurfacing


Click here to view the map in PDF version

 Project Timeline

The work is beginning during the month of June. The work will take place Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. over a 4 week period.

 Adapting to Road Surface

Gravel roads require the reapplication of material every 3 years in order to repair potholes and keep the surface safe for all users of the road. Freshly graveled roads can be dusty. In order to keep dust down, dust suppressant will be applied shortly after the new material is added. Signs will be posted on all roads.

Even the best maintained gravel roads have rough sections and loose gravel that require lower speeds. Dust should be expected, and dust suppressant will be applied as required during the process.

However, It takes longer to safely stop on gravel roads, and dust can decrease your visibility.

Please allow at least six seconds of following distance on gravel.


The budget for this project is $439,000 which is funded through the current year tax levy.

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