Every year, we flush the hydrant and sewer systems to make sure they are clean, clear and working properly. 

Sewer Flushing

During the sewer cleaning process, it is possible for air pressure to be created inside the sewer pipe. Most of the time, the pressurized air escapes with no impact. Sometimes the air can only escape through the service connection between your house and our sewer system, and will expel through the internal plumbing vents without incident.

What is sewer blow-back?
If there is a defect in your home’s plumbing (like a blocked sewer pipe or vent) or the venting is too small or non-existent, the air pressure may escape through a toilet, floor drain or the nearest exit it can find. This can result in the release of unpleasant odours and, in rare occasions, water splashing from the toilet into your home/business. When this happens, it is known as a “blow-back”.
What do I do if I experience a blow-back?

We have never had any report of damage being done to the plumbing by this maintenance process.

If you have blow-back, check your plumbing to ensure that your service connection and vent pipes are clear of debris and are functioning properly.

Flush toilets and run water in any sinks, as well as refill traps in any floor drains affected. This is completed by simply introducing water into them.

 How can I prevent future incidents?

The contractor involved in this project has hand delivered notices to residences that will be affected by the 2022 program. It is advisable to leave all toilet seat lids closed during the maintenance program timeline.

If you experience a blow-back during the maintenance process, notify us at water@meaford.ca or 519-538-1060 extension 1506. We will make a note of the issue at your residence for the next maintenance cycle that is scheduled, approximately every 5 years. If you have experienced this in the past, you can cover the closed toilet seat or drain with an old rag to prevent any water from being splashed out.

2022 Flushing and CCTV Program Service Areas

Sykes St. N - August 22

Sykes St. S - August 10 and 11

Ivan St. - August 10

Berry St. - August 22

Boucher St. W - August 16

Bayfield St. - August 22

Trowbridge St. W - August 22

Paul St.

Coleman St. - August 10 and 11

Augusta St. - August 11

Cook St.

Lombard St. - August 19

Parker St. E - August 22

Parker St. W - August 19

Collingwood St. E

Nelson St. E

Marshall St. E

Marshall St. W

Edwin St. W

Victoria Cres. - August 16

Lorne St.

Louisa St. - August 15

Blake St. - August 15

Union St. - August 15

Farrar St. - August 15

Union St. - August 16

Grace Ave.

Parkview Ave. - August 16

Centennial Heights - August 16

Hydrant Flushing

When we flush the hydrants, you may notice slight discolouration or a cloudy appearance of your water, and possibly reduced pressure. If you notice discolouration we recommend that you run your cold water through your bathtub tap or another tap that does not have a screen until it clears up. You may also notice puddles in the street, as the water could be flushed onto the roads. If you have any concerns please contact us at 519-538-1060.

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