Every few years, our Environmental Services team must conduct an Inflow and Infiltration Study to determine the location and extent of groundwater and stormwater entering into the Municipality‚Äôs sanitary collection network. As an extension of this study, the Municipality is continuing this evaluation by means of fog testing the sanitary sewer mains and lateral connections to identify the location of the leaks, focusing on the downtown core and surrounding area. 

The Municipality and Civica Water Management Solutions, will be testing the sewer lines beginning in September through to October 2022. Residents who are within the testing areas will be notified with a hand delivered letter. The Meaford Fire Department, OPP and emergency services will also be notified of the fog testing locations and schedule.

The fog from the testing process may be seen coming from roof vents, building foundations, eaves troughs, or manhole covers as seen in the above video taken from our 2015 testing. The fog will not enter your home if it is properly plumbed, vented and your water traps contain water.

The fog is a non-toxic, odourless substance, which is harmless to humans, pets, food and material goods. 

Should you detect the presence of fog within your home please report this to the crews working in the street conducting the testing. Please avoid unnecessary exposure to the fog. Although the fog is non-toxic, it may be irritating to the nasal passages of some people. If you experience irritation, it should be temporary and should quickly disappear once exposure has ceased. If you, or any member of your family has a health condition that you feel we need to be aware of, please contact the representative of Civica Water Management Solutions listed below.

Should the fog testing in your area be cancelled or delayed for any reason you will be notified as soon as possible. For answers to common questions about fog testing please see below.

 Fog Testing Schedule

Updated October 3, 2022 


Fog Testing will be taking place on the following streets:


Sykes Street North

Thompson Street

Susan Street

Grandview Drive

Ridge Road

Stewart Street

Fairway Avenue

Meadow Lane

Helen Street

Albery Court

Georgian Court Condo


Country Crescent

Lakeshore Road South



Is the fog harmful?
No. The fog is not harmful and will not harm your clothing, drapes or furniture.
What should you do if fog gets into the house?

Contact a representative working in the area. The contact information is below.  

Open windows for ventilation. The fog should dissipate quickly. Before fog testing occurs you should ensure that all traps under basins and drains have water in them.

What is the purpose of fog testing?

The purpose of fog testing is to locate and identify possible leaks in the sanitary sewer system that allows stormwater and groundwater in.

The fog testing can help locate improper connections that the homeowners or occupants may not be aware of. 

I will not be home during the fog testing, what about the pets in my home?
The fog is not harmful to pets. It would be a good idea to leave several windows partially open to allow the fog to dissipate quickly should it enter your home.
If the fog gets into my home how long will it take to dissipate?
With adequate ventilation the fog will dissipate quickly.
Can the fog plug up the sewer?
No. The fog is a vaporous substance which will not plug up the sewer.
What happens if a bad sewer or lack of traps in a building is identified?
This information will be documented and given to the Municipality of Meaford.
Will rodents be fogged out?
No. However the fog may detect broken sewers where rodents may have access.


If you have any additional questions or concerns about the fog testing, please contact: 

Frew Tadesse

Team Lead, Operations

Civica Water Management Solutions

(905) 417-9792 extension  2308

(647) 572-1982



For more information about the project, contact:


Chris Collyer

Manager, Environmental Services

Municipality of Meaford

21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford

519-538-1060 extension 1500 | ccollyer@meaford.ca


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