Your permit will indicate the number and type of inspections to be performed.

The municipality does not inspect electrical work covered under the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Please reach out to 1-877-421-2228 for electrical permits.

To submit your inspection request, contact or call (226) 277-0229. Please provide 2 business days' notice before your desired inspection date. Inspections are done on the Eastern side of the Municipality (former Town of Meaford and St. Vincent Township) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on the Western side (former Sydenham Township) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We cannot offer any time guarantee because of the volume of inspections and their variable lengths and the distance travelled between inspections. 

A minimum fee of $188.00 may be applied for a re-inspection and must be paid prior to the inspection. 


List of inspections that may be required:

This does not include all inspections that may be required depending on the project.

  • Excavation
    • Readiness to Construct Footings.
  • Footing
    • Substantial completion of all footing forms prior to pouring concrete. Geotechnical review may be required to confirm soil suitability.
  • Foundation
    • Substantial completion of foundation wall including all external elements and perimeter drainage system. (Prior to commencement of backfill)
  • Plumbing Underground
    • Installation of all plumbing that will be covered by a concrete floor. A test for this portion of the plumbing system is required in accordance with the OBC and must be witnessed by an inspector.
  • Plumbing Aboveground
    • Installation of all plumbing including drains, waste, vents and water supply lines. A test for this portion is required including a 100 psi test on all water supply lines without a drop in pressure for at least 2 hours.
  • Plumbing Final
    • Installation of all CSA approved plumbing fixtures, appliances and hot water tank (water meter must be installed). A test for this portion of the plumbing system may be required.
  • HVAC Rough-In
    • Substantial completion of rough-in of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems. Including installation of all mechanical supply air and return air duct work. Seal all joints in ducts. Installation of hot water heating piping (including in-floor)A test for this system is required. 
  • HVAC Final
    • Substantial completion of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems. Including installation of furnace, air conditioner (if included in the permit) and grills/registers. An Air Balance Report may be required.
  • Framing
    • Substantial completion of all structural framing and stairs. (Rough Plumbing and Heating passed and doors, windows & roofing installed.) Engineered drawings must be provided for roof trusses.
  • Air Barrier
    • Substantial completion of air barrier systems, including installation of a continuous air barrier. There are several options for providing an effective Air Barrier. Confirmation may require an inspection during several inspection stages.
  • Fire Separation
    • Substantial completion of all required fire separations and closures and all fire protection systems including standpipe, sprinkler, fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. Data sheets for the fire stopping components must be provided.
  • Insulation & Vapour Barrier
    • Substantial completion of insulation and vapour barriers. Blown-in insulation can be installed after the ceiling drywall is applied and confirmed at the Occupancy inspection.
  • Occupancy
    • Completion of construction and installation of components required to permit the issue of an occupancy permit under Sentence or to permit occupancy under Sentence, if the building or part of the building to be occupied is not fully completed. There must be no outstanding Building Code Orders. It is mandatory to obtain an Occupancy Certificate prior to occupancy of the building.
  • Final
    • Completion of all required items under the permit including the site grading and the engineers final grading certificate.


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