Fire services in the Municipality of Meaford are divided between two distinct fire departments. The Meaford Fire Department (MFD) exclusively serves the eastern region of the Municipality and operates under full ownership and management by the Municipality. Conversely, the Inter-Township Fire Department (ITFD) caters to the western area of the Municipality and operates under a unique arrangement. ITFD has historically been co-owned in partnership with the Township of Georgian Bluffs, with the Municipality holding a 25% ownership stake in the department. The management of ITFD is overseen by an appointed Board of Management, which includes representatives from both the Municipality and the Township of Georgian Bluffs.


In collaboration with our ITFD partnership, we have established a shared response system to efficiently address fire-related incidents in all parts of the Municipality. This partnership allows us to pool resources, coordinate efforts, and provide a unified emergency response to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents in the Municipality.


The Meaford rural residents benefit significantly from our partnership with ITFD through a stronger emergency response and improved water delivery throughout the entire Municipality. This collaboration enhances the level of service provided to rural areas, ensuring that residents in these regions have access to timely and effective assistance in the event of a fire-related emergency. Additionally, the partnership facilitates better water delivery across Meaford, guaranteeing a more reliable and efficient water supply for both urban and rural areas, thereby enhancing overall safety and quality of life for all residents.


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