Please note: Applications are not deemed complete until approval through third party review.

Lot grading refers to the act of ensuring a level base or getting a specific slope on the land. 

Lot Grading By-Law


When a Grading & Drainage Plan is Required
  • The CBO may at anytime request a Grading & Drainage Plan to be submitted to the Building Services Department
  • When the applicant wants to place or dump fill or alter the existing grade in the following zones
    • Residential identified in Section 6.1 of the Zoning By-Law
    • Commercial or Industrial zone identified in Section 7.1 off the Zoning By-Law
    • Development, Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection-Wetland, Harbour, Institutional and Open Space
    • New construction or addition of 60 metres square or more in a Residential zone identified in Section 6.1 of the Zoning By-Law 


Third Party Review

Your Grading and Drainage Plan will be reviewed by our third-party engineer to determine whether the proposed plan will negatively affect the neighbouring properties or municipal boulevard. Our third-party engineer will communicate with the applicants engineer until a desired grading and drainage plan is agreed upon through the use of a checklist.

Grading & Drainage approval for Final Inspection 

A copy of the final grading and drainage plans including a professional engineers seal and signature must be submitted to the Building Services Department prior to a final inspection.

Please note: final submission will be reviewed by our third party engineer for approval prior to closing final inspection.

P.ENG design submitted as per subdivision agreement.


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