Meaford's road network has over 400 kilometers of roads, and 25 kilometers of sidewalks. We have both asphalt and gravel roads, and our roads staff work hard to fill potholes, clear snow, trim trees and brush, and maintain safe routes for cars and pedestrians.

To report an issue on a municipal road, please complete a Roads Inquiry Form.

Pedestrian Crossover on Highway 26

info graphic of a pedestrian crossover taken from the Ministry of Transportation website

The Municipality of Meaford has installed a Pedestrian Crossover on Highway 26, located on Highway 26, closest to Parker Street.

A pedestrian crossover is a designated crossing area that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian. In order to keep people safe, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, must be aware of and follow the rules.

Rules for Drivers and Cyclists:

Drivers, including cyclists must stop and yield the entire width of the roadway (wait for pedestrians to clear the road). Only when pedestrians have crossed and are safely on the sidewalk can drivers and cyclists proceed.

Rules for Pedestrians:

  • Cross only at marked pedestrian crosswalks or crossovers, not the middle of a block or between parked cars.
  • Cross only when drivers and cyclists have fully stopped.
  • Hold your hand out in front of you indicating you are waiting to cross the road.
  • Make sure drivers and cyclists see you before you cross, make eye contact before stepping onto the road.

Follow the rules and together we can help keep the roads safe for everyone.  For more information, including information about fines for those who are not following the rules, please click here.

County Roads

County roads are the responsibility of Grey County and are named numerically (Grey Road 18, Grey Road 12 etc). Please direct your questions about Grey County roads to 519-376-7337, or by email to

Provincial Highway

Highway 26 is a provincial highway that connects the Municipality of Meaford to our neighbours in Owens Sound and Thornbury. It is managed by the Ministry of Transportation. Please direct your questions to the Owen Sound MTO office at 519-376-7350.

Private Roads

Meaford also has some private roads, which are normally found in private developments or waterfront communities. These roads are owned and maintained by individuals, groups of property owners, or businesses.

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