The Municipality has a responsibility to perform routine maintenance to its publicly travelled roadways and road allowances to ensure that they are safe for public use.  The intent of the Vegetation Management Program is to ensure our roadways and roadside allowances are safe from and provide improved site lines, overhead clearances for larger vehicles, roadside clearances for road maintenance equipment, snow storage areas and safe winter driving surfaces. 

The work will include the removal and/or trimming of hazardous vegetation including low hanging tree branches, shrubs and dead, diseased or hazardous trees. In areas where there is a higher density of this material, mechanical equipment will be used. 

Wood material is safely left on site, and mitigated and removed as part of the Municipal Stormwater Program at a later date in the year. 

Staff will be informing residents in advance of work happening on their road. Work will mostly be completed in the winter and spring in advance of any summer construction projects that year. Timing of the work will be dependent on the weather conditions and commencement of work will not occur before 6am. 

The schedule of work will ensure that all of the road allowances are maintained on a rotational basis to ensure they are safe for everyone that uses them.

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