Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The Meaford Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was originally constructed in 1969 and since then has undergone a number of upgrades and modifications, with the most recent work being completed to retrofit the clarifier (used to remove solid particulates or suspended solids from liquid) in 2020.

A Class Environmental Assessment (EA) was completed in 2007 to address the long-term wastewater treatment requirements based on planned future growth. The EA recommended expansion of the existing WWTP, optimizing the existing processes, reducing inflow and infiltration, and improving water conservation.

The 2007 Class EA has now expired and the Municipality of Meaford has determined the need to prepare a Class EA Addendum. The intent of the Addendum is to confirm or amend the preferred solution(s) identified in the original EA by addressing advances in technology, adjustments to phasing due to new population/flow projections, and to share this information to a list of stakeholders and interested parties that has expanded since 2007.

map of meaford highlighting the waste water treatment plant located at 35 grant avenue

The Municipality of Meaford has retained Ainley Group to complete and document the Class EA Addendum in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Document, October 2000, as amended in 2015. The Meaford WWTP is located on a 3.9 Hectare parcel of land at 35 Grant Avenue. The study area is defined as the current WWTP  servicing area and surrounding areas projected for growth along Highway 26.


Temporary Closure of Beautiful Joe’s Leash Free Dog Park on July 11-12, 2022 

 dog park closure notice with image of the dog park and cute cartoon of human and her dog on a leash.

Beautiful Joe’s Leash Free Dog Park located at 35 Grant Avenue in Meaford will be temporarily closed for two days, from July 11- 12, 2022, so that an archaeological examination of the property can be done. The planned work is a requirement of an Environmental Assessment Study that the Municipality is completing for an expansion to the Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant. Increasing the capacity of the Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant is a planned project that meets with Council’s priorities for investing in our infrastructure in order to meet the current and growing needs of our community.


For more information, please view the Media Release issued on June 15, 2022



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