The Municipality of Meaford provides water and sewer services to approximately 2,300 residential, commercial and institutional customers. Here you can find information on paying your water bill, an interactive map, current projects, as well as annual reports on municipal water and wastewater services. 

Winter Water Line Maintenance

The Municipality of Meaford would like to remind all homeowners that you are responsible for all water lines on your property.

 It is important that homeowners take necessary precautions before freezing temperatures increase the possibility of frozen and/or broken water lines on their property. If this occurs, it can impact your water service, property damage, as well as damage to your water meter.

Any replacement of a frozen water meter will result in a service and replacement charge to the homeowner.

Below are some tips and precautionary measures you could use to protect your water service and meter:

  • Cover any exposed pipes in cold areas with insulating material and or heat tape
  • Block air passages into crawl spaces
  • Check crawl space to be sure pipes are protected
  • Secure basements against cold
  • Plug up drafty cracks and repair broken windowpanes
  • Check outside faucets
  • Remove hoses from outside faucets and check for leaks which could freeze and back up into the household plumbing.

If you have any concerns, please contact a licensed plumber to advise the best way to ensure your water lines and meter are protected from freezing.

NEW! Interactive Map

Meaford's new municipal services map helps you to locate and understand water and wastewater services and facilities within the Municipality of Meaford.  Check out the link below.

Municipal Services Interactive Map


Testing Private Drinking Water

All testing of private drinking water, including well water, is handled by Grey Bruce Public Health Unit.  Please visit their website to learn more. 


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