Investing in Infrastructure:
Long Term Facility Portfolio Management

The Municipality runs a wide variety of facilities for different activities, including offices, operations facilities, and recreation facilities. A number of these facilities are reaching end-of-life, have capacity issues, or are not able to supply the services that the community is looking for. It is important to consider all of the Municipality’s needs over the long-term to ensure that the right investments are made in facility renovation, development or replacement. This project will produce a plan that describes the future facility needs for the community and the Municipality, and considers financing requirements for the plan.

Project Scope
This project will include: 
  • Completing a thorough review of existing facilities and long term needs based on:
    • Existing and future levels of service
    • Growth
    • Demographic changes
    • Financial capabilities
    • Staffing needs
  • Development of a facility plan that will identify the:
    • Existing facility maintenance backlogs and existing facility needs that are not currently being met.
    • Long term needs of existing facilities including preventive maintenance activities, renovations, rehabilitations and expansions.
    • Facilities needing to be replaced or removed.
    • New facility needs.
    • Partnership opportunities internal to Meaford and with neighbouring municipalities.
    • Funding limits for any facility replacements or renovations, based on asset management, debt, and funding capacity.

The process will result in Council providing clear direction with regard to future facility needs (both new, replacement & rehabilitation) to enable any necessary projects to begin the planning process. Based on Council decisions, a timeline will be developed for the next 10 years. 


Q3 2023

  • Staff review of existing facility studies, condition assessment and designs. Development of summary of existing information for presentation to Council. Assessment of options for renovation or replacement of key facilities, including administrative space, arena, community space and swimming pool, along with potential funding options.

Q4 2023

  • Development of draft criteria for prioritising (re)investment, based on facility condition, community requirements for service, and projected growth in the community.

Q4 2023

  • Working session of Council to:
    • Review previously received facility plans and studies;
    • Review future facility needs, based on the condition of existing facilities, growth assumptions and other research;
    • Review options for replacement, renovation, or removal of key facilities;
    • Discuss service level impacts of facility choices;
    • Discuss realistic funding availability, either through the tax-supported budget or development related revenue;
    • Establish criteria for future decision-making on facility renovation or replacement.

Q1 2024

  • Staff present draft plan to Council based on results of working session and assessment of projects against the established criteria. Council adoption of plan.
Project Updates
 There are no current project updates. Please check back to this page. 

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 Project Charter - Long Term Facility Portfolio Management 

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