Strengthening Our Community:
Municipal Housing Affordability Measures

This project will identify actions that the Municipality is legally able to take to support housing options within Meaford, with a focus on increasing diversity and affordability.

The project will include research into regulation options through the County and Municipality’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law, a review of actions taken by other communities of our size. The aim is to provide Council with enough information to increase their awareness of the possible options and actions that could be implemented.

Project Scope
 This project will include: 
  • Examining information relating to the areas of influence and control that the Municipality has in terms of housing. This includes identifying actions that could help improve housing type diversity / housing affordability options within the community that are in control of the Municipality and can be executed within this term of Council.
  • Examining existing data sources and proposals about housing diversity and affordability within the region and Meaford.
  • Presenting actions that the Council could take to increase housing type diversity / housing affordability options within the community.
  • Informing and engaging the community and stakeholders in the process so that their insights can be integrated into the finding.  
  • Outreach to neighbouring communities and counties and housing-focused groups working to address housing challenges.
Forecasted tasks throughout this project include: 
  • An information gathering and analysis phase to identify the range of actions that neighbouring municipalities, counties, and housing-oriented groups are taking to help improve housing type diversity / housing affordability.
  • Developing and executing communications and public and stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • Analysis of findings and crafting of recommended courses of action. 
  • Preparation and scheduling of final recommendations report to Council, and presentation to Council at regularly scheduled meeting.


Project Updates
There are no current project updates. Please check back to this page.  

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Director, Development Services

Municipality of Meaford

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 Project Charter - Municipal Housing Affordability Measures

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