Ensuring Sustainability:
Municipal Tree Inventory

The Municipality will produce an inventory of all trees located on municipal rights-of-way within settlement areas (Leith, Annan, Bognor and the former Town) of the Municipality of Meaford, as well as at municipal facilities, cemeteries, and parks. Collating a tree inventory will allow the Municipality to properly manage its tree assets.

Project Scope
This project will involve: 
  • Conducting a survey of all trees on Municipal properties within the urban area, hamlets, and parks of Meaford to create GIS-based inventory.
  • An initial assessment of the health and risk of trees on Municipal lands which may include: species, size, condition/hazard rating, owner (municipal and shared), maintenance recommendation and general comments.
  • Compiling a spatially accurate inventory and initial assessment of trees on Municipal property, to facilitate the management of these assets that make up the urban forest.
 Spring 2023
  • Put together RFT for work and send to three companies for their bids.
  • Award to most qualified bidder
  • Public education on upcoming process

Summer 2023

  • Inventory to commence 

Fall 2023 

  • Inventory to finish (weather depending) 
Project Updates
 There are no current project updates. Please check back to this page. 

Jessica Wiley

Director, Operations

Municipality of Meaford

21 Trowbridge Street West

519-538-1060 extension 1132 | jwiley@meaford.ca 

 Project Charter - Municipal Tree Inventory

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