Meaford, Ontario – January 8, 2018 – Join local historian Robert Burcher with Special guest and Viking expert Alison Leonard for an exciting, seafaring tale of what might be the earliest visitors to North America.

Robert Burcher believes that an image of a sailing vessel carved into the rock at the Peterborough Petroglyphs is not of Viking origin, but actually a leather boat built by ancient Celtic Mariners. They would have set sail from Ireland, and penetrated the North American continent hundreds of years before the Vikings arrived in Newfoundland. Robert will lead you through his incredible journey, discoveries, and research into the leather boat theory.

Special guest Alison Leonard will also share her thoughts. She has a Phd in Viking studies from the University of York, England, and is currently Co-writing a book on Viking Artifacts of Europe.

The presentation will take place on Saturday, January 13 at 1:00pm in the Terrace room at Meaford Hall. Tickets are $5.00, and can be purchased by calling the Meaford Museum at 519-538-5974 or by email at