UPDATE: The installation of a Rainbow Crosswalk was delayed due to rainy conditions at Trowbridge Street East and the Sykes Street East intersection. The road painting cannot happen in rainy conditions and our beautiful new Rainbow Crosswalk has been delayed in the installation process. We will be checking the weather for some nice sunny days for the installation. The work might require temporary traffic disruptions. The work being completed as part of the 2021 line painting contract.

The Municipality of Meaford Council and staff are committed to an ever-increasing pathway to inclusion. Keep your eyes peeled for this beautiful new crosswalk that will include the 11 colours identified in the Progress Pride Flag representing LGBTQ+ people of color and the trans community. The crosswalk will be a lasting symbol of how our municipality supports a diverse and inclusive community. The Municipality of Meaford Council approved a staff report and recommendation for the crosswalk on September 13, 2021. For more information about the crosswalk and what the colours represent please see the following link: Rainbow Crosswalk Installation.  A ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the crosswalk is in the works.

You can stay current with local roadwork locations and closures by visiting municipal511.

Project Facts:

  • The installation has to happen in dry weather and is planned for the early morning or late evening when there is less traffic
  • The paint material that is used is a durable aggregate specially made for road surfaces so that it can handle the traffic volumes, winter plows and not be slippery for pedestrians
  • The crosswalk painting is being done as part of our annual road line painting work across the municipality that occurs every year in late summer to early fall