The Municipality of Meaford is once again supporting the Treat Accessibly initiative to make Halloween more accessible for every body in Meaford! Over 400,000 children in Canada identify as having one or more disabilities. Disabilities that may prevent them from enjoying trick-or-treating with their siblings and other kids. Treat Accessibly's mission is to ensure that all children and families can participate in and enjoy trick-or-treating at Halloween.

How to set up an "Accessible Trick-or-Treating" station:

  • Provide barrier-free access to your trick-or-treating station by ensuring your driveway or pathway is clear of obstacles and well-lit. You can move your vehicles out of your driveway or set up your station at the end of your driveway to make sure all trick-or-treaters can easily access you.
  • Create a safe environment by refraining from strobe lights and high-pitched or sudden loud noises that may be alarming for some children. It is also suggested that you keep pets safely away from the front of the home to ensure all trick-or-treaters feel safe throughout the night.
  • Practice patience and understanding by acknowledging everyone is different and trick-or-treaters may vary in ability and age.
  • Place an Accessible Trick or Treat sign on your front lawn at least one week before Halloween to give families and caregivers plenty of time to plan their trick-or-treating route.

How to get an "Accessible Trick-or-Treating" Lawn Sign:

You can pick up a free lawn sign from the Municipal Administration Office located at 21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or see the attachment below to download and print your own sign.

For more information on the Treat Accessibly initiative, please visit               

For Further Information, Contact:

Alex Croce
Council & Committee Coordinator
Municipality of Meaford
21 Trowbridge Street W., Meaford
519-538-1060 extension 1110 |