At the Case Management Conference on December 5, 2022, the Ontario Land Tribunal issued a verbal order to approve the proposal by Skydev Inc. related to the proposed development at 226 Boucher Street East and 138 Bridge Street.  The approval was based on draft minutes of settlement presented by the applicant and the Municipality which took into consideration the numerous submissions by members of the public.

The Municipality of Meaford was pleased to enter into the minutes of settlement with Skydev Inc. which are based on the draft zoning by-law amendment and associated staff report that was due to be considered by Council prior to the appeal. The agreement permits the development of two-storey townhouses facing the existing roadway, four-storey waterfront townhouses, a four-storey apartment building, and a five-storey hotel. The minutes of settlement also include requirements for the hotel to include commercial or recreational space and that it will be part of the first phase of development on site, with building permits issued only after a signed letter of intent is received from a recognized hotelier. Skydev Inc. has also committed to clearly delineate the separation of the public access from the development lands along the publicly owned waterfront through the Site Plan approval process, as well as paying for the necessary improvements through a payment to that public access.

Council approved the draft minutes of settlement following a closed meeting on November 23, 2022, and gave direction to the Municipal solicitor to present them to the Ontario Land Tribunal at the Case Management Conference on December 5, 2022, for their consideration as part of the approval process.

Mayor Ross Kentner commented that “this agreement is a positive step forward in the growth of our community, bringing a variety of much needed housing options and a hotel that will have a positive impact on our tourism industry. The agreement with Skydev Inc. ensures the development will be built in a way that best fits with our community, and provides the most community benefit possible.”                                             


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