Please be advised that throughout the months of May and June, you may see StreetScan scooters and vehicles on municipal sidewalks and roads.

The Municipality of Meaford has partnered with StreetScan, a Montreal-based company that has assessed streets in over 100 communities in North America. StreetScan uses scooter-mounted and vehicle-mounted sensing technology to assess the sidewalk and road conditions.

The system determines the health of each sidewalk and road by identifying defects including potholes, bumps, tripping hazards, and cracking.

This data will help the municipality identify and prioritize where repairs are needed to ensure that sidewalks and streets are kept in the best condition!                                                                           


For Further Information, Contact:

Transportation and Fleet Services

Municipality of Meaford

21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford

519-538-1060 extension 1302 |