Council is pleased to join the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. This decision is aligned with The Municipality of Meaford’s sustainability goals as Council and staff have identified sustainability as one of its four strategic priorities for the 2023-2026 council term.

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative is a coalition of over 244 U.S. and Canadian mayors and local officials focused on protecting the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin. It aims to integrate environmental, economic, and social goals to safeguard this vital freshwater resource, which provides drinking water to 40 million people and supports a strong regional economy. The initiative collaborates with various governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote sustainable practices and enhance regional quality of life and economic well-being.

By joining this initiative, the Municipality of Meaford sees the value in regional collaboration, access to expertise and resources, and futureproofing against environmental risks.

“I am pleased to join this initiative and access a network of other communities rich in natural resources, like the Municipality of Meaford,” said Mayor Ross Kentner. “Water is a cornerstone of our environment and economy. We are in a period of significant growth right now and want to ensure that we are doing so sustainably, especially with projects like the proposed Ontario Pump Storage Projection on our horizon. I look forward to the experience and expertise that will come from this group as we better understand how to protect our region. It’s crucial that we make informed decisions today to safeguard our water resources and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.”

For more information on this collaboration, please read the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative’s press release: Press Releases - Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative (



For further information, contact:

Mayor Ross Kentner | 519-538-1060