Following discussion and deliberation by Council during several meetings that included receiving public feedback, Council approved the 2021 Municipal Budget at their meeting on January 11, 2021.

Municipal staff, at the direction of Council, has provided a budget with a total tax increase of 3.43%.This means an increase for the average Meaford homeowner of about $6.17/month, or $74 annually.

The 2021 budget reflects a 1% decrease in capital spending, with a 4.43% increase to operating expenses. It also includes updated fees and charges, with an increase in the cost of bag tags to $4/bag to offset the increased costs of the waste contract, and a new paid parking program for non-residents at some Municipal park locations.

About Municipal Budgets

Breakdown of tax dollars
How your Tax Dollar Gets Spent

Wonder where your tax dollars go? Here is a breakdown of how your taxes get divided up to County, Education, and Municipal Services. For every dollar you pay in property taxes, about $0.60 is kept by the Municipality of Meaford.

Budget Framework
At the Council meeting on September 14, Council directed staff to prepare a 2021 Budget that includes:
  1. No enhancement of services or staffing unless required to mitigate impacts of COVID-19.
  2. A 1% tax levy increase dedicated for roads capital funding.
  3. A 1% tax levy increase dedicated for bridge/structure capital funding.
  4. A 0.5% tax levy increase dedicated for facility capital funding.
  5. Draft tax and user pay operating budgets incorporating a Cost of Living salary adjustment of 1%;
  6. Any tax levy increases resulting from real assessment growth due to new development and building construction assessment as increased taxation revenue to offset budgetary increases.
Budget Q&A's
Budget Survey

The 2021 Budget survey received over 500 responses from members of the community. Of those responses, 58% were from Meaford's urban area, with 42% from our rural communities. The majority of respondents are permanent residents of Meaford who own property (86%), with 10% of respondents renting, and 4% Seasonal.

Download the Survey Results


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