Sections 88.25 and 88.32 of the Municipal Elections Act require all candidates to file a financial statement by March 31, 2023. Candidates whose campaign contributions and total expenses are more that $10,000 must also file an auditor's report.

The Clerk is required to make these financial statements available for viewing by the public on a website or in another electronic format.

If a qualified elector believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate has contravened the Municipal Elections Act relating to election campaign finances, they can make an application for a compliance audit, which will then be considered by the Compliance Audit Committee.

2022 Election Campaign Finance Declarations


Candidate Date Submitted Campaign Finance Declarations

Ross Kentner

January 26, 2023  Form 4 - Ross Kentner

Paul Vickers

No submission to-date  

Deputy Mayor

CandidateDate Submitted Campaign Finance Declarations

 Shirley Keaveney

No submission to-date



Candidate Date Submitted Campaign Finance Declarations

Steven Bartley

December 6, 2022

 Form 4 - Steven Bartley

Tony Bell

December 2, 2022 

 Form 4 - Tony Bell

Darryl Birch

No submission to-date  

Bill Cameron

October 31, 2022  Form 4 - Bill Cameron

Robert Doran

No submission to-date  

Eric Ennis

No submission to-date  

Brandon Forder

No submission to-date  

Hugh Grafton

October 26, 2022  Form 4 - Hugh Grafton

Harley Greenfield

November 15, 2022  Form 4 - Harley Greenfield

Mark Pietrowski

No submission to-date  

Andy Playter

No submission to-date  

Robert Uhrig

No submission to-date  

School Board Trustee - Bluewater District School Board

CandidateDate SubmittedCampaign Finance Declarations

Frances Morgan

December 2, 2022

 Form 4 - Frances Morgan

Third Party Advertisers


Date Submitted 

Campaign Finance Declarations

Save Georgian Bay Assoc.

January 9, 2023  Form 8 - Save Georgian Bay

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