Meaford Coat of Arms

The official Coat of Arms was developed in 2016. It was presented to the Municipality by the Governor General, the Honourable David Johnson. It incorporates symbols that represent the three former Municipalities (Meaford, Sydenham, and St. Vincent). It also references the local landscape, flora, and the history of the area.


The shield is divided by an angled line pointing to the top center. The top section is blue and on it are two schooners in white. The bottom section is white and on it are three apples native to the area of the Northern Spy, MacIntosh and Honey Crisp varieties. The division of the shield alludes to the shape of the Municipality of Meaford (white) with Georgian Bay (blue) to its north. The schooners refer to shipbuilding and recreational boating. The schooners represent east and west coming together under one municipality. The apples refer to the local apple growing industry, to the municipality's emblem, and represent the past, present and future. They also refer to the three founders, the Township of St. Vincent, the Township of Sydenham, and the Town of Meaford.


A green pine tree set on a base set with trillium flowers and staghorn sumac represented in their natural colours. This is set on a wreath of twisted cloth in white and blue, which may in turn be placed on a helmet draped in cloth mantling in blue lined with white. The pine tree represents the municipality's natural setting, and alludes to the trees painted by such artists as Thom Thomson and Fred Haines. The staghorn sumac represents local flora. The trillium flower indicates that the municipality is located in Ontario.


Our Heritage, Our Future


Two workhorses coloured in dappled light grey with their tails and manes white, and with blue wings, their inner hind hooves each resting on a garb of wheat with a base of ferns. Around their necks are branches of maple in green. The workhorses, Percherons, evoke the agricultural identity of the municipality. Their wings allude to the crest and one of the supporters of the arms of the Earl of St. Vincent, namely Pegasus, a winged horse of Greek mythology. The municipality was named after Lord St. Vincent's home in England, Meaford Hall, and the former Town of Meaford used his arms as its emblem. The garb of wheat is taken from the emblem of the Township of Sydenham, and the maple branches around the horses' necks from that of the Township of St. Vincent. Fern is prevalent around trails and natural settings.

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