Mayor Barb ClumpusWith the 2019 budget process coming to an end,  I want to take this opportunity to thank all those involved, particularly the staff who have spent countless hours and deep scrutiny to prepare their department submissions for  Council’s approval. The budget process is  seldom easy, but the questions from Council and the public, and the important debates to justify each expense has resulted in a budget  that we feel works for our community this year.  The hard work and intense justification that went into the presentation and thorough review of this budget is greatly appreciated.

Council’s priorities will be tweaked over the next few weeks to ensure sustainability as we invest in infrastructure, strengthen our community, grow the economy, and provide the leadership in municipal government to support the vision for our municipality as “The place to be on Southern Georgian Bay”. The past two years of unprecedented growth in residential building permits issued, and the start of 2019, suggest that others share this feeling as well. The future is bright indeed for our municipality, as a significant number of new development projects, including diversified housing, come closer to breaking ground. While change can be unsettling, this intensification will share in the residential tax levy, and will have an impact on water and sewer rates for users. In addition, it will be a very busy summer with the reconstruction of the Sykes Street bridge, the conversion of the former Foodland into a fully accessible new public library, and the building of a new “awesome” school. It is exciting to watch Meaford grow to support our seniors, families, and newcomers making their new homes in our community.

We have much to be thankful for and to be proud of in our community, including the many volunteers who make our community the vibrant, socially connected and welcoming place to be. We invite all community groups and individual volunteers to join us for our annual volunteer appreciation dinner. See you there!

- Mayor Barb Clumpus

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