Strengthening Our Community:
Parks Portfolio Management

As the Municipality continues to grow, it is important to have a long-term plan about the development of new park space and the re-development of existing green spaces to enhance the services available to the community.

The project will review existing parkland and park master plans, potential locations for future parks, and decide which parklands should receive priority investment, as well as identify priorities for parkland dedication funds received from developers.

Project Scope
This project will include: 
  • Developing a long-term strategy for management of parks, trails, and open space system that addresses: capital (re)investment strategy; existing facilities and (re)investment alternatives; community needs and well-being; programming; accessibility; placemaking; potential revenue sources and partnerships.
  • Developing parkland maps, showing areas for future parkland development to meet development-related needs.
  • Creating a plan for municipal wide park (re)development that establishes realistic goals and prioritizes parkland that provides the greatest benefit to the community at large.
  • Establishing a funding plan for park (re)development, including assessing impacts on long-term asset management from new parkland, or new services and facilities on existing parkland.

Q1 2024

  • Staff review of existing Parks & Culture Master Plan, individual park Master Plans and designs, and develop estimate of development related financing over the next ten years. Development of summary of existing information for presentation to Council.

Q2 2024

  • Development of draft parkland levels of services, and draft criteria for prioritizing (re)investment.

Q3 2024

  • Working sessions of Council to:
    • Review future parkland needs, based on best practice established in Parks & Culture Master Plan and other research;
    • Review previously adopted parkland plans, such as the St. Vincent Park Master Plan;
    • Review funding requirements for previously adopted plans;
    • Discuss realistic funding availability, either through the tax-supported budget or development related revenue;
    • Establish criteria for future decision-making on parkland (re)development.

Q4 2024

  • Staff present draft plan to Council based on results of working session and assessment of projects against the established criteria. Council adoption of plan.
Project Updates
 There are no current project updates. Please check back to this page. 

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 Project Charter - Parks Portfolio Management

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