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Short Term Accommodation Licencing

This project will examine existing available data and by-laws adopted by other municipalities, before presenting a recommended Short Term Accommodation licensing by-law for Council’s consideration. The by-law will be designed to address the concerns related to negative impacts on neighbouring properties resulting from short-term accommodation / rental (STA) activities in residences within the Municipality of Meaford.

Project Scope

The Short Term Accommodation Licencing project will include: 

  • Developing an outline of available data relating to short-term accommodations in the Municipality of Meaford.
  • Developing an outline of licensing by-laws and processes adopted by other municipalities. 
  • Conducting an online questionnaire and one public meeting with Council on the subject to gather information and insights from the community and stakeholders about short-term accommodations within the context of this project.
  • Identifying, assessing, and presenting a recommended licensing by-law adapted from other municipalities for Council to consider for addressing the negative impacts of short-term accommodations in Meaford, including required resources and implementation measures, etc.

It is expected that the Project will be executed by staff in an expeditious and priority manner to allow for rapid action on a licensing by-law by Council in their stated goal to manage short-term accommodations within Meaford. The following is the intended sequence of key stages:

  • Q2 2023
    • Background research and analysis of existing data on the characteristics of short-term rental accommodations in Meaford.
  • Q2 - Q3 2023
    • Gathering and analysis of examples from other municipalities of licensing approaches to manage short-term accommodations. 
    • Description and analysis of resources and expected outcomes for implementation of a licensing by-law adapted from another municipality(s).
  • Q3 2023
    • Develop and execute a streamlines public engagement strategy, specifically:
      • One on-line questionnaire;
      • One in-person public meeting with Council.
  • Q4 2023
    • Presentation of a recommended licensing by-law to Council at regularly scheduled public meeting
Project Updates
There are no current project updates. Please check back to this page. 

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