Growing Our Economy:
TC Energy Peer Review and Community Benefit Negotiation

TC Energy is currently seeking approval from the Federal and Provincial governments to construct and operate a 1,000 MW “Ontario Pumped Storage” facility on a portion of land within the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford. This charter relates to the Municipality’s approach to that project, aiming to represent the community, mitigate any future impacts, and obtain the greatest benefit possible should the project move forward.

 Project Scope

This Project will Include:

  • Project Management
    • Gathering technical and social information related to the proposed facility site and have the necessary peer reviews of the studies completed to evaluate the projects impact.
    • Engaging and listening to the community of Meaford regarding TC Energy’s project and its plans to mitigate any environmental and economical impacts.
    • Providing professional advice to Meaford Council, either directly and/or through senior staff and your legal counsel, regarding TC Energy’s proposed project and their management of the stakeholder engagement process.
  • Community Benefit Negotiation
    • Focus on aligning on municipal priorities and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project's context (Phase 1).
    • Communicating and engaging with proponent and relevant government actors to advocate for best feasible content. Providing early CBA negotiation support. Initiating public consultation channels and engagement events. Performing comparative financial analysis.
    • Supporting the Municipality in negotiations by maintaining strong negotiation position by promoting public awareness and maintain strong relationships with the upper tiers of government /proponent. Providing advice and analysis to finalize CBA.
With regard to the Peer Review, this will be in response to timing of receiving reports in relation to the Federal and Provincial processes.

Community Benefits Negotiation

Phase 1 – Q3 2023

Phase 2 – Q4 2023 – Q2 2024

Phase 3 – Q3 2024 until commencement of construction of project. 

Project Updates

Pumped Storage Advisory Committee Terms of Reference was adopted by Council on Monday, March 11, 2024.


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Municipality of Meaford

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Project Charter - TC Energy Peer Review and Community Benefit Negotiation

Proponent Website - Ontario Pumped Storage

Pumped Storage Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

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