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Telecommunications Conduit Framework

The project will identify how the Municipality can facilitate telecommunications infrastructure through municipal capital project construction. A framework will be developed identifying how and when the Municipality will install conduit for third-party fibre-optic cabling, and the process to manage the infrastructure once installed.

Project Scope
This project will include: 
  • Reviewing conduit installation methods to determine if it can be facilitated through capital projects. Based on the results of the initial review a framework and policy will be developed.
  • Developing framework and policies to identify processes of asset installation and management.
    • The framework will identify how the Municipality will be installing conduit and the required parameters including:
      • what type of capital projects will include conduit installation;
      • design requirements for conduit; and
      • process for budgeting for conduit installation.
    • The policy will provide consistent requirements and clear direction for telecommunication companies looking to:
      • utilize the municipal right of way;
      • utilize the municipally installed conduit; and
      • install privately owned infrastructure in the municipal right of way.
    • The policy will identify:
      • who can utilize the conduit;
      • how it can be utilized;
      • agreement requirements; and
      • costs associated with the conduit use. 
  • Facilitating fibre installation that improves service to the Municipality.
The telecommunications conduit review and framework is scheduled to start in 2024. Depending on the initial findings a schedule of work will be identified to Council with an update on the implementation options and preferred solution. The timing of the framework and policy will be dependent on the preferred solution as the complexity of work could vary.

The following process will be followed for the project:

  • Background review
  • Identification of alternatives including capital project impacts (timing, financial, design, etc.)
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Selection of preferred alternative
  • Council report - Summary of alternative review and preferred solution
  • Framework development
  • Policy development
  • Council report – Framework and policy
Project Updates
There are no current project updates. Please check back to this page. 

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Project Charter - Telecommunications Conduit Framework

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