Community Improvement Plan Updates

Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Downtown Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was adopted by Council in 2008. At that time, Council approved - by By-Law - a defined 'Project Area' and 'Plan', which under the provisions of the Municipal and Planning Acts, legally enables the Municipality to offer certain financial incentives. The hope was that these incentives would help to promote investment in a very important historical and commercial area of the Municipality, thereby generating economic development and increased assessment. 

Update to the CIP 

Since 2008, additional study and policy work - such as the Waterfront Strategy and updated Municipal Official Plan - have been completed. This work highlighted the potential opportunities within not only the original 'Project Area' of the downtown commercial core, but on the adjacent Waterfront and Special Policy Area lands to the east. In order to realize these opportunities, and address some of the challenges that exist both within the existing CIP area and on these adjacent lands, it was proposed that the 'Project Area' be extended, and that the 'Plan' be updated to include new programs such as the 'Environmental Study Grant' for Brownfields lands and the 'Upgrade to Building Code for Accessibility Loan' for building retrofits.

On June 8th, 2015, a public meeting was held to obtain comments on the proposed changes. The amending by-laws (shown below) were then approved by Council on July 27th, 2015. A copy of the updated Community Improvement Plan (Consolidated original and amendments), the amending by-laws, and notice of passing are provided below.

Updated CIP, Notice of Passing & Approved By-laws:

pdf Community Improvement Plan Consolidation (Aug 2015) (4.44 MB)

pdf Notice of Passing - 2015 CIP Update (180 KB)

pdf By law 61 2015 CIP Project Area Amendment (198 KB)

pdf By law 60 2015 CIP Plan Amendment (845 KB)


Draft Documents (Superceded):

  pdf Notice of Public Meeting - 2015 CIP Update (244 KB)

pdf Draft By-law CIP Plan Text Amendment (161 KB)  (Includes Action Plan)

pdf CIP Draft Amended Financial Programs (72 KB)

pdf Draft Updated CIP Boundary (Amending By law, Map) (422 KB)

pdf Draft Update to Preamble of the CIP (57 KB)

pdf Draft Update to CIP Program Detailed Descriptions (Appendix 2 of the CIP) (142 KB)



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