Every Child Ready to Read

A Project of the American Library Association
adopted by the Meaford Public Library

Before children can learn to read, they must develop a range of early literacy skills.  Learning begins the moment they are born, through language and play.  By weaving five simple practices into your daily routine, you will not only prepare your child for reading later on, but you'll enjoy hours of fun together too.

The Meaford Public Library is proud to partner with our communities' parents and caregivers to help raise young readers by providing free access to hundreds of books and audio recordings.  As well, all of our programs for young children focus on developing pre-literacy skills, and use the five simple principles outlined below:

red-bullet Talking  spacer

Talking with children helps them learn oral language, one of the most critical early literacy skills.  When your baby babbles to you be sure to talk back. 

green-bullet Singing  

Singing and rhyming increases children's awareness of the sounds in words.  Sing fun songs to your baby, they love to hear your voice. 

blue-bullet Reading    

Reading together is the most effective way to help children become proficient readers.  Make shared reading a daily event, even if it is the same book every night. 

purple-bullet Writing    

Writing helps children learn that letters and words have individual sounds and meaning.  Encourage scribbling.  It is a great way for young kids to express themselves. 

yellow-bullet Playing    

Playing is essential for young children to learn about the world so the stories they hear have meaning.  Play is best for kids when parents join in too. 

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