Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan


The Municipality of Meaford approved a Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan for downtown area of the former Town of Meaford in 2014. The final draft of this plan which was approved by Council can be found here: icon Approved Heritage Conservation District Plan and Guidelines (1.95 MB).

The Meaford Heritage Conservation District Plan seeks to assist in a number of things in our District, which include - but are not limited to - protecting existing heritage buildings (both commercial and residential); enhancing and protecting parkland, green space and shoreline areas; avoiding the loss or removal of heritage properties; encouraging the maintenance and upkeep of existing heritage properties; and helping to promote new developments which respect the character of existing heritage buildings and landscapes within our District.


Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee is to advise and assist Council on matters relating to Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act, 1990, and such other heritage matters as Council may specify through by-law or in the Official Plan and Downtown Meaford Heritage Conservation District Plan and Guidelines.

See the Agendas and Minutes for the Heritage Advisory Committee.


Prior to undertaking any work in the Heritage Conservation District, please consult with Planning Staff at the Municipal Office to discuss your project. Planning staff can be reached at 519-538-1060 or via email at planning@meaford.ca   

You can also download the  pdf Heritage Permit (220 KB)  to learn more about the application process.







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