Annual Hydrant and Sewer Flushing

Sewer Flushing

Meaford is conducting sewer flushing fom September to October of 2018. The areas being worked on will be updated every day.

October 10-12:

First area

  • Lombard St. from Victoria St. To Sykes St.
  • Parker St. from Cook St. To Bayfield St.
  • Collingwood St. from Cook St. to Sykes St.
  • Nelson St. from Noble St. to Bayfield St.
  • Sykes St. from Collingwood St. to Berry St.
  • Edwin St. (first two houses East Of Victoria Crescent). at Victoria Crescent
  • Victoria Crescent from Edwin St. W to Boucher St.
  • Boucher St. from Victoria Crescent to Sykes St.
  • Sykes St. from Boucher St. to Berry St.
  • Easement from Sykes St. to the Big Head river Pumping Station.

Second area

  • Edwin St. from Victoria Crescent to Sykes St.
  • Sykes St. from Edwin St. to Marshall St.
  • Union St. from Gates of Kent to Paul St.
  • Grace Ave
  • Louisa St. from Union to Lorne St.
  • Lorne St.
  • Blake St.
  • Centennial Heights.
  • Parkview Crescent.
  • Coleman St.
  • Augusta St. and Ivan St from Augusta St. to #42 Ivan St.
  • Sykes St. form Ivan St. to Knights Building Centre


Fire Hydrants

The Municipality of Meaford is conducting their 2018 annual hydrant flushing. Flushing will take place between 07:00-15:30 Monday-Friday. During this time you may notice slight discolouration or a cloudy appearance of your water, and possibly reduced pressure. Should you notice discolouration it is recommended that you run your cold water through your bathtub tap or another tap that does not have a screen until it clears up. You may also notice puddles, as the water could be flushed onto the roads. Should you have any concerns please contact the Municipal Office.


Contact Us

If residents have any questions or concerns with the Hydrant or sanitary sewer flushing or video inspection operations, please call us at 519-538-1060.


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