Winter Road Maintenance


Transportation & Fleet Service staff work hard to clean, maintain, and provide safe routes of travel during the winter over our 413 km of roads. Transportation & Fleet Service staff apply salt, sand or a salt/sand mixture to both rural roads and urban streets. Snow plow routes are determined according to traffic patterns, and in accordance with Municipal policies. 

All roads are cleared after every major storm.

While we do not discourage you from calling to ask when your road will be plowed, we do ask for your patience as we work on clearing roads.

Classification of Roads

Class of Highway Length (km) % Of Total Network
1 0.00 0%
2 0.00 0%
3 11.97 3%
4 278.46 67%
5 27.59 7%
6 94.93 23%
TOTAL 412.95 100%

Service Class Urban

Service Class Rural

It should be noted that the regulation recognizes Class 6 roads but provides no minimum standard. It is each municipality’s responsibility to set the standard. In Meaford’s case, all Class 6 roads are maintained using the Class 5 guidelines.

Snow Accumulation 

The objective is to remove snow accumulation by class of road, in excess of the depths noted, within the times as per the following table.

Class of Highway Depth (cm) Response Time
1 2.5 4 hours
2 5 6 hours
3 8 12 hours
4 8 16 hours
5 10 24 hours

Ice Formation Prevention and Icy Roadways


Class of Highway Response Time
1 3 hours
2 4 hours
3 8 hours
4 12 hours
5 16 hours

Salt/Sand Use

Based on the tests that occurred throughout the 2015-16 season, staff recommended changes to current practices by ensuring application rates are adjusted to reflect best practice standards in an effort to avoid over application of products. This change will save approximately $140,000 per year in salt over a typical winter control season consisting of +/- 80 events as illustrated in the chart below;

Plow Route Optimization

Based on the tests that occurred throughout 2015-16, staff also recommended changes to plow route structures and staffing alignments.  This has reduced the routes from 13 to 10 while shifting staffing.  The reduced routing and revised schedule will see staff reporting at 4am, 7am or 3:30pm allowing a more consistent level of service from 4am to 11pm.

Staff time has been re-allocated to provide a more consistent level of service.  This is illustrated in the chart below;






Approximately 60% of our urban roads have sidewalks. In the winter time the sidewalks are assigned 3 classes.

  • The Priority route focuses on the downtown core, main street, and school areas.
  • The Secondary route branches off of the priority route sidewalks and is completed only after the priority route has been completed.
  • The “no winter maintenance” sidewalks are deemed too narrow, do not lead anywhere, or cannot be maintained because of other issues.


Contact Us

For more information on snow plowing, salting, sanding, or other winter maintenance services, please contact 519-538-1060 or email

If you have questions or comments about your winter maintenance service, complete our Winter Roads Inquiry Form online, or download the Winter Roads Inquiry Form.


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