Development Name: 412 Miller Street Subdivision

File Numbers:  SUB24-01, Z01-2024 

Location:  412 Miller Street

Units: A minimum of 122 units are proposed.

Proposal: These applications propose a residential plan of subdivision and rezoning with a mixture of single detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings with a minimum of 122 of total units. The proposal is to be serviced by municipal water and sewer. Access to the development is from Miller Street, a County Road. 

Planning Applications also include a County Plan of Subdivision File 42T-2024-01 

Status: Zoning By-law Amendment approved by Council on April 29, 2024. Zoning By-law Amendment is now in the appeal period ending May 27, 2024. The Notice of Passing of a By-law can be accessed in the "Notices" section below. Subdivision review ongoing. 

The Staff Report to Council for this application is available on the Council Portal

The most commonly asked questions and municipal answers can be found in the Frequently Asked Question section below.  

Public Meeting:  The public meeting was held on March 4, 2024 at 5:00 PM.

You can watch the livestream or video of public meetings on the Municipality of Meaford’s YouTube channel at

Questions can be directed to the Planning Department at: 

 Municipal Documents and Notices:

Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting (subdivision)

Notice of Public Meeting (zoning application)

Notice of Passing of a By-law (zoning application)

 Submission Documents:

Cover Letter

Planning Justification Report 

Functional Servicing Report

Traffic Impact Study

Stormwater Management Report

Geotechnical Report

Environmental Impact Study

Hydrogeological Assessment

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment

Natural Heritage Constraints Technical Memo


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the roads and corners be designed to accept garbage trucks, fire trucks, tractor-trailer moving trucks and similar vehicles?
Yes public roads are to be designed to accept these sorts of vehicles. All roads will need to be designed to meet the County's standards as well as the municipality's Engineering Standards.
Will the municipality assume “Road A” ? What cost to taxpayers will be incurred?
Street A on the Draft Plan of Subdivision is intended to be a public road, constructed by the developer at their cost and then assumed by the municipality. 
 How does one determine an average traffic flow from a one day study?

This question on the Traffic Impact Study submitted by the applicant (Tatham Engineering, December 20, 2023), is answered by the applicant in the comment matrix which will be posted to the Grey County website.

The municipal engineers have reviewed the Traffic Impact Study submitted by the applicant. No concerns were raised regarding the study duration.

Can you resolve concerns that the existing traffic conditions on Miller, Nelson, Pearson, and Gardiner Streets will become worse?
The configuration of Miller Street and nearby intersections is outside the scope of the zoning by-law amendment and the draft plan of subdivision. These issues are on the radar of the municipality for further study as identified in Municipality of Meaford’s Transportation Master Plan which includes recommendations for traffic calming measures prior to studies being completed.  
Is there thought to extend sidewalk connectivity out onto Miller Street?
Sidewalk extension along Miller St is not part of the Zoning By-law Amendment review. However, connectivity in this area is likely to be part of future discussions between Meaford and Grey County on ongoing transportation needs. 
Will residents be required to connect to the municipal sewer once it is extended? Will the cost of any road redevelopment and the cost of installing the required sewer expansion to service the proposed subdivision be borne by the developer?
This question will be determined as part of the continuing subdivision review and is outside of the scope of the Zoning By-law Amendment. More information will be provided in the coming weeks. 
When was the zoning 'development' on the subject property established?
The site was historically used as an apple orchard. The lands were designated as Urban Living Area in the 2005 Meaford Official Plan which was the Official Plan post-amalgamation. The designation of the lands in 2005 identified the site as an opportunity for future growth. The lands have been zoned as Development (D) since 1974. The property was zoned as Development in the Town of Meaford Zoning By-law 631-1974. This By-law applied to the Town of Meaford pre-amalgamation and was the by-law in place for Meaford prior to the current Zoning By-law 60-2009.  
Will there be a peer review completed of the technical studies/reports submitted for this development? Will the public be able to have access to the peer review comments?  
The studies and reports submitted in support of the application have been reviewed by the municipal engineers and planning staff. Technical Review comments are currently internal to the municipality, but will be incorporated into the upcoming staff report for the Draft Plan of Subdivision. 
Will there be a Site Plan Approval process for any future condominium development?
Site Plan Approval is required for any future multi-residential development of more than 10 units. 

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