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The Municipality of Meaford is working with FlashVote to engage the community and gather valuable input from residents to inform our decisions.

What is FlashVote?

FlashVote gets statistically valid community input in 48 hours, on any topic.

FlashVote makes scientific survey data over 90% more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for local governments to understand what their community thinks, wants, and needs.

Citizens appreciate FlashVote for its quick and convenient process, resulting in exceptional participation rates and trust due to its independent status and rigorous, non-partisan survey quality control.

Governments benefit from FlashVote because it helps them get the exact data for informed decision-making, leading to increased citizen satisfaction, enhanced public trust, and potential cost savings.

Your input is valuable to us! We want to know what we can be doing better, faster, more cost-effectively and differently for our communities.

 How it Works

You decide how to interact with FlashVote by choosing email, text and voice options. You can share your thoughts anonymously and control what others see about you and your activities. How much you participate in is up to you, but the more you share, the more you help make Meaford a better place.

Your personal information is safe with FlashVote and won't be used for anything else. Your input is always kept private. We also make sure our surveys are quick and valuable, taking just one minute of your time. We don't ask biased questions or waste your time.

You'll see community feedback within 48 hours, and everything is anonymous! With high participation rates, FlashVote ensures that everyone's voice is heard on important issues.

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FlashVote is free, fast and fun – sign up to receive a 1 minute survey every few months. Your input will help the Municipality make better decisions for everyone in the community.

Register now by visiting: or call 888-655-7055 to participate by phone or text only.

Thank you for participating, your input is valuable!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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